Powertex projects

A collection of past projects

I have always been creative but going through photos I realised just how creative I have been over the years.

Small powertex canvas

I thought I would share a few of my Powertex projects that I have created over the past couple of years. I have tried quite a few different crafts from card making to scrap booking to polymer clay and mixed media, I do love creating and always have ideas buzzing around in my head and sometimes they keep me awake at night!

Baby Dragon egg

This year I have taught myself how to take better photos of my finished artwork and how to enhance my photos and how to use Pinterest and instagram. I always seem to be learning something new, even if it does take me quite a while to figure it out.

African woman
Two Herons
Old vase

I am pretty sure I will carry on being creative until I am really old and wrinkly.

I hope I have inspired you to go and be creative, not only is it fun but it is also a good form of therapy.

You can also find me at Mums Shed

You can also find loads of inspiration at THE POWERTEX STUDIO

Until next time




Mixed media ~Jinny Holt

Hello all, happy January!

As some of you may know I am mad about creating and this means everything, I will look at something that needs to be thrown and think, hmm can I repurpose or recycle before I get rid of it. I also quite often get friends and family ask me if I could do something with some of their rubbish, you know what they say, one mans junk is another man’s treasure! So here are some photos of things I have breathed new life into.

My motto is the first photo.






So if ever you are having a good clear out, maybe just have a think before you actually chuck it in the bin.. Can it be recycled

Till next time


New year, new goals

Hello, and Happy new year, if I have not already said that!

So this year I have set myself some small goals, nothing drastic but goals to achieve all the same. They are…

Lose a stone in weight.. (sigh it can be done if I stop eating chocolate)

Start to do Powertex workshops in Dumfries and Galloway area. ( already have a place to do this, so this goal is well on its way)

Stop drinking so much tea and change that for water, it is a known fact I am a tea-holic and would drink the world’s weight in tea if I could! This one has yet to start!!

Walk more, I love walking but life just sometimes takes over and we really don’t get the time to go walking and as we alternate between two beautiful parts of the country, Devon and Scotland there really is no excuse but to just make time and go and do it.

And last but not least I would like to teach myself how to do a tutorial, make one, edit it and show it. This will probably be the hardest goal but I shall try this.


Have you set any goals this year?

If you have made some goals and by the end of the year, you do not achieve what you have set out, no worries just try again the following year, the trick is not to give up 🙂

Whatever you are up to I wish you well


Sneaky peek at my latest project for the Powertex Design Team


Last Christmas tree of 2018

Some of you may know that I love creating and none more so than creating Christmas paraphernalia, so I always find it quite sad that the season has passed and I have to rethink what to create next!! So this was my last Christmas Powertex tree that I made to see the season out. It was my largest one to date but has whetted my appetite to make a 6-foot tree for next year.

I used some cardboard and made the tree shape and then raided my stash for bits and pieces to adhere to my tree form, I then covered with Powertex and coloured and this tree went through quite a few colours until I was happy with final colour tones.


I really do love making these trees and the ring wreaths too.